Processo | Privacy


Our privacy policy follows the rules below:

  • The subscription proposal for the Opinion Bulletin, when sent by e-mail, will always carry, on the message body, a free and simple mechanism of cancellation;
  • for matters of automatic message processing, the cancellation mechanism should be strictly followed, fundamentally as far as the expressions used are concerned;
  • all subscription proposals are considered as accepted until a cancellation message is received according to the described mechanism;
  • for database refreshment reasons, all subscription cancellation messages loose effects after one year;
  • all information collected with the objective of sending the Opinion Bulletin will be used by Processo only, and strictly to that effect. Processo guarantees that the information collected will never be shared with any other organization, independently of its nature or its purpose.

If you wish to have access to your personal data or your company's, to change or eliminate them, please send a e-mail or fax to one of the following contacts.