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Legislation Database


This product corresponds to the provision of relevant legislation information to organizations, according to their needs, allowing greater control of organizations legal compliance.


Does your organization have an adequate control over legislation which applies to its activity? Has your organization already been notified by the competent authorities or has paid fines for not fulfilling the applicable law?

Considering that:

  • Currently, in force legislation is complex, extensive and changes often.
  • The legislation analysis represents a redundant work when done within each organization.
  • Gathering and analysing all legislation applicable to several organizations is beneficial to all, when done centralized.

Processo has developed an operational requirements legislation service which applies to the organizationís operating activities, covering the areas of Environment, Quality and Safety.

This service has three levels:

  • First level - Identification of legal documents applicable to the organization.
  • Second level - Production of a periodical report of the legal requirements applicable to the organizationís activities, processes, resources and facilities.
  • Third level - Production of the fulfilment status periodical report for each identified requirement.

The service is available in Portugal, combines national and European legislation and includes a database access over the Internet where each organization can browse the applicable legislation, requirements and fulfilment status associated to it.

In a more simple side, the organization can on time achieve a single document (excel or pdf file) of the legal requirements imposed on it. Legal Requirements is a secundary service of Legislation Database and is based on the second level described above. Due to its characteristics, the service Legal Requirements allow organizations be occasionally updated, with regard to legal aspects, and by a form economically more viable.

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