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Published Bulletins

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What Do You Know About Your Clients?

Opinion Bulletin Nr. 15, Junho of 2011

Do you know what are the pending issues with each one of your company's clients? Do you know if each one of them is being visited at a proper rate, maximizing all of its potential value?


CoPacking. Packing Operation?

Opinion Bulletin Nr. 14, Março of 2009

Would you treat your production line as you treat your CoPacking operation, from planning the operation to guarantee fulfillment of quality standards, including all of the referred aspects?


Tight Curve. To Where?

Opinion Bulletin Nr. 13, Janeiro of 2009

Not only the company created superior operational capacity as it became more competitive. Are you interested in this strategy?


Unit by unit, can you?

Opinion Bulletin Nr. 12, Fevereiro of 2008

If you can, you will see your competition on the rear view mirror, struggling to overtake the physical, economical and time-based obstacles created by them selves. Inglorious effort.


Do you contract what you intend?

Opinion Bulletin Nr. 11, Março of 2007

Do you have elements and conditions to accurately calculate and check the invoice of the logistics service providers, in each invoicing period? Have you considered this your contract negotiation?


Rolling on Opinions

Opinion Bulletin Nr. 10, Setembro of 2006

If annual inflation on fuel is 20% and the weight of fuel on the transportation cost structure is 20%, the increase on the transport services invoice will be 4.000 euros. If the weight is 30%, the increase will be 6.000 euros (a 50% increment). On a tenfold base invoice, the increment will be as well.


Perfect Collaborator

Opinion Bulletin Nr. 9, Junho of 2005

By the way, why not today? What do we think when we think about RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification)? Just a more expensive barcode label?


Own Resources, bad faith?

Opinion Bulletin Nr. 8, Março of 2005

This approach establishes, upfront, an orientation for action: to sacrifice responsiveness for operational efficiency. This leads to a planning closed over resources, closed over the company itself.


Doors to inefficiency?

Opinion Bulletin Nr. 7, Fevereiro of 2005

The way some of these portals work assumes that the customer’s database is maintained by the suppliers’ admin workers, at zero cost to the customer.


It is the Stuff that Life is Made Of

Opinion Bulletin Nr. 6, Agosto of 2004

Don’t waste time. It is the stuff that life is made of.


Waiting for you

Opinion Bulletin Nr. 5, Julho of 2004

Applying the tariff table to this delivery, a cost of 600 * €0,0401 = €24,06 would be obtained, which means a saving of €13,62, or 36% of distribution costs. This is what horizontal integration of the supply chain is about. In our opinion, the opportunity is waiting for you.


Parking value

Opinion Bulletin Nr. 4, Junho of 2004

We can admit that, most of the times, suppliers deliver part of their value at the parking yard of their customers, waiting for their vehicles to be delivered. This part of the value does not even get to the goods-in area.


Writing on the enemy

Opinion Bulletin Nr. 3, Maio of 2004

We write a lot on the enemy! The enemy of efficiency, responsiveness and accuracy.


Production Batches: the logistics new frontier

Opinion Bulletin Nr. 2, Abril of 2004

Companies must keep in mind that the flexibility, as well as efficiency, of a production system is directly related to its batch size.


Joyfully alone

Opinion Bulletin Nr. 1, Março of 2004

The true solution will appear when producers join together and use common logistics resources.